Iga Massardi

Iga Massardi Is A Musician, Guitarist And Producer From Indonesia. He Is Known As A Musician Who Began His Career In The Independent Music Scene Until Then Managed To Score Success On A Broader Scale Of Listeners With The Band That He Initiated, Namely Barasuara.

With multiple tour schedules and records and also various awards obtained by Barasuara, Iga also known as a guitarist with strong characteristics and the way he dresses on stage because he always wears batik in every appearance with Barasuara.Other that, Iga also produced various bands and soloists in between his busy schedule.

A guitarist and music producer who is extremely popular in Indonesia. He started his career in the indie scene, but gained a wide range of listeners with the success of his band, Barasuara. While performing many tours at Barasuara, releasing records and winning awards in music competitions, Iga's stage costumes wearing batik, a traditional Indonesian costume, became a hot topic. It is a trademark that determines the impression of He also produces bands and solo artists during busy schedules.


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